Uranus and Pluto at War 2011-2016

Astrology is an ancient art that allows us insight into our data-collecting vehicle and external events - the temporal illusory hologram. It should never be the primary focus of those on the path Home. However, certain insights are there to be gained.

“The planet Pluto channels the Shiva energy, which is the revolutionary energy of catharsis that one way or another destroys all old forms and thought forms that cause people to cling to ignorance and old ways steeped in illusion and delusion.  … The period of late 2008 to 2024 is the period when all the karma accrued in the Piscean Age will be worked out.” – Omna Last


Astrologers know that Pluto moving into Capricorn is bringing world structural transformation through the forces of destruction. Connecting Pluto with Shiva is correct. Shiva is the metaphysical principle of Destruction. The Creator makes room for new forms – just as the farmer must clear his field.

Add Uranus into the cosmic brew and you get what people have been predicting for years – EARTH CHANGES. This partnership between my old friend Uranus and the secretive Pluto will continue for many years. I had a look in my ephemeris and here’s what I found.


July 10th - Uranus goes Retrograde, 4 Aries 33, square Pluto 5 Cap. 53; they move together in a close orb until Pluto goes stationary Direct on Sept. 16, 2011, 4 Cap. 53.


All of June, Uranus in 8 Aries, square Pluto 8 Cap.; continuing thru Oct. (depending on your orbs).


April 12 - Pluto goes Retrograde 11 Cap. 35, square Uranus 9 Aries; Uranus squares Pluto in the 11th degree on May 15, 2013 and continues for the remainder of 2013.


 If anything is left standing… 

April 14 - Pluto goes Retrograde 13 Cap. 34, square Uranus in 13 Aries, the close square continues thru May 2014.


January 23, Uranus 13 Aries 1, square Pluto 13 Cap. 56 thru April 2015


Jan. into Feb, Uranus 17 Aries, square Pluto 16 Cap.


By that time I would surmise that the earth and whatever we have come to know as familiar will be completely transformed one way or another and considering the nature of Uranus and Pluto this inevitable transformation will be sudden and slowly inexorable and devastating








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