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Freedom from the Matrix! The Fullness of Knowing


What follows is a description of the Cycles of Time from the INTRODUCTION to my second book Inanna Hyper-Luminal, updated for 2012:


Inanna Hyper-Luminal gives the reader the experience of being multidimensional. Our potential to access realities in various dimensions is latent within each and every one of us. When we began our adventure in the time/space continuum, we knew who we were. In this phase of the cycles of time, we have simply forgotten how to travel beyond the five senses. As this age draws to its inevitable conclusion and the veils are lifted, we will regain this endowment.


We are living in the Twilight of the Age of Conflict & Confusion, or, as it is known in Sanskrit, the Kali Yuga. This is the final of four cycles, which make up a day, a Kalpa, in the Mind of God. Because the veils of illusion in this cycle are at the depths of density, the Age of Conflict & Confusion offers us the greatest opportunity to acquire life's real treasure—wisdom.


The first or golden age is the Age of Wisdom, the Satya or Krita Yuga. Prime Creator, in its desire to experience itself, separates itself into numerous creator gods. All the ‘gods’ begin to manifest their desired forms in the fullness of knowing they/we are equal parts of Prime Creator. In this age they/we – as pieces of the One - express ourselves freely, knowing and fully remembering who we are; our thoughts become form. As ‘gods’ we begin to project portions of ourselves into the data-collecting vehicles we have created---meaning we incarnate into bodies to further experience creation. We begin to feel a sense of loss and a longing for our original state.




In the second age, the Age of Ritual or Treta Yuga, the vibrational frequencies of the created universe begin to diminish and decay, and the ‘gods’ compete with each other for creative space. They/we desire power over each other and contemplate how to coerce the other gods to play their games.


They conceive rituals to bridge the potential un-formed world with the world of form. Initially, rituals allow the ‘gods’ playing in form to access raw power from the un-formed, the plenum in the Void. Although ritual is a weakened means of focused conscious thought, ritual becomes the intermediary mechanistic tool used to manipulate creative power from the "form" side of creation.


As the frequencies of manifested consciousness continue to fall, certain individual gods discover how to control the others. By exploiting the use of ritual, they trick and delude other gods into worshipping them; and thus generate an abundance of energy, which they use to create all manner of fantastic illusory worlds. These clever gods build spirit bodies to inhabit the hierarchical worlds they create; and no longer incarnate in physical bodies, but rather vicariously parasitically ‘enjoy’ the experiences of those who are incarnating.




In the third age, the Age of Doubt or the Dvapara Yuga, the frequencies of creation move further toward density. The ‘gods’ in form begin to doubt; from doubt they/we lose memory, and forget who we are. We can still see those ‘gods’ who are not in a third dimensional form — and in the course of our forgetting, we begin to worship them.


The wily ‘gods’ who have ceased to incarnate continue to build illusory worlds as innumerable phantasmal hierarchies of heavens and hells. While the gods in the lower density of form become trapped in the cycles of reincarnation. We have forgotten who we are and doubt the divinity within us all.




The fourth age, the Age of Conflict or the Kali Yuga, is the period we have been living in for the last 6000 years. The frequencies of time have further slowed. A dense web of somnolence, a miasma of amnesia, surrounds and obfuscates the visible world. Our experience of time is altered and thus, the phantasmal worlds have become invisible to those of us living in this physical density Newtonian-realm.


Today only a small number of people are able to see the so-called invisible world. Their ability to see has been inherited genetically because it was not bred out of their DNA. In other cycles such "sight" was our God-given right; but in the Kali Yuga, the veils are tightly drawn.


Because the gods have lost their capacity to know and to remember, writing, which itself a symptom of the Kali Yuga, is established as the only means of transmitting knowledge. There is no evidence of written history in the previous three cycles because it was not needed. What we do know of those cycles is based on memorized oral transmissions inscribed during the Kali Yuga. Knowledge was passed from generation to generation orally. Our command of memory today is a pathetic semblance by comparison. Only in the most ancient of texts, such as the Sanskrit Puranas and the Mahabharata, and certain Taoist and Tibetan writings, do we get a glimpse into the previous three cycles.


The Sanskrit Mahabharata and the Puranas contain lengthy predictions of what the Kali Yuga will be like, even foretelling the availability of "fast food" — another symptom of this dark age.


In the Age of Conflict and Confusion, the gods forget who they/we are and lose the innate ability to access our own inner divinity. Ironically, those tricky gods in their phantasmal hierarchies are just as trapped as those incarnating in the precarious and repetitive physical world, but they are predictably reluctant to give up their power and change.


In order to make way for the next cycle, a new golden Age of Wisdom, radiant-light Beings, highly evolved and enlightened from outside this universe enter to break up existing realities. In the final phases of the Kali Yuga, they venture to assist us as the forgotten ‘gods’ who are weary of this temporal illusory matrix and long for freedom. These Beings are gently guiding the creation of an enhanced data-collecting vehicle to be used by us in the coming golden age when we will again Remember who we are.


Who wants to live forever in a created reality that has become stuck and frozen in a stagnant state?


As always, Prime Creator is moving on!

V.Susan Ferguson, 1996 & 2012

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