Bibliography: Rig Veda related book list (updated April 04, 2013)

The World is Spirit Clothed in Sound

The Universe is the Sacrifice of the One

The Inner-Sun in the Heart: Inspired by the Rig Veda, Mandala VII.63

Then there is neither Existence nor Non-existence…

The Cosmic Fire we praise ...

Thoughts on my approach to the Rig Veda

Rig Veda I.85:  The Maruts: Cosmic Radiation in Galactic Waves & Solar Storms

Rig Veda X.121:  The One That Ignites Unseen Particles

Rig Veda X.125: The Resonance of Sound

The Fuel that Powers Circular Aerial Ships: Rig Veda Mandala III.44.5

Rig Veda III.45: Weather Control & Ionospheric Heating

Reflections on Weather Control in Rig Veda III.45

Word Definitions in Rig Veda III.45: Weather Control & Ionospheric Heating

Rig Veda VII.63: Surya as the Heliosphere





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